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will reason about future events (If _____ happens, I willÖ..). 5A
will experiment with cause and effect in play. 5a1
will answer "WH" questions (who, when, why, where, and how). 5a1
will identify absurdities in a picture or event. 5a1
will describe simple absurdities seen in pictures or real life. 5a1
will respond appropriately to " tell me howÖ" questions (Tell me how you make a sandwich). 5a1
will name or find objects that go with another (nails/hammer, shoe/sock). 5a1
will reason about experiences and ask/answer questions: Why can't IÖ? What will happen ifÖ? 5a1
will reason about experiences and ask/answer questions: Why doesn't itÖ..? Why did _____ do ______? 5a1

will use problem solving skills to complete tasks in natural environment . 9C
will complete whole piece puzzles (formboards). 9c1
will complete _______ piece interconnected puzzles. 9c1
will imitate simple visual pattern using parquetry/pattern blocks. 9c1
will use blocks/manipulatives to build complex creations with meaning/purpose the child can express to others. 9c2

will use ___ problem-solving strategies in ___ educational settings. 5B
will recognize when s/he needs help and ask for adult assistance. 5b2
will refer or respond to pre-arranged visual or verbal cues. 5b2
will remember and implement pre-established plans when faced with predictable problems. 5b2
will use self-talk to remain calm and implement a structured problem solving strategy. 5b2
will assess the severity of the problem and respond accordingly. 5b2
will ask adults and/or peers for advice. 5b2
will reflect upon past experiences with the same problem. 5b2
will use multiple sources to research the problem and possible solutions before selecting own solution. 5b3
will implement and monitor the effectiveness of self-selected solutions, making revisions as needed. 5b3

will use and apply the scientific method to problem solving. 11A
will describe observed events accurately and completely. 11a2
will write/ask questions or hypotheses about topics. 11a2
will record and store data using appropriate technology (i.e., ___________________). 11a2
will arrange data into logical patterns and describe those patterns. 11a2
will compare/contrast own observations/data with those of others. 11a2
will choose/select steps needed to gather data necessary for answering research questions. 11a3
will present investigation/results in a clear and logical manner to others. 11a3

will use problem-solving skills to generate logical and reasonable answers. 5C
student will correctly answer why questions. 5c1
student will correctly answer negative why questions. 5c1
student will correctly predict what might happen. 5c1
student will correctly explain inferences. 5c2
student will correctly identify more than one possible cause of event. 5c2
student will correctly identify problem. 5c2
student will correctly explain problem. 5c2
student will correctly determine possible solutions. 5c2
student will correctly identify best solution. 5c2
student will correctly try other solutions if original doesn't work. 5c3
student will correctly name items needed to implement solutions to problems. 5c3
student will correctly state how to avoid problems. 5c3
student will provide missing information. 5c3