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will use functional communication skills to convey messages to others.
will use alternative and augmentative communication devices as presented:
will expand by ___ the variety of reasons used for communication (ex. gain attention, comment protest, request)
will acknowledge the presence of an object/person/activity.
will increase the use of meaningful communication by responding with a purpose.
will decrease the frequency of delayed echoes.
will decrease the frequency of immediate echoes.
will reduce negative communicative behavior (screeching, etc.).
will use alternative communication styles, such as communication book, sign language, eye contact.
will follow daily routine through picture or object schedule.
will increase flexibility for change in daily schedule.
will increase relevant, spontaneous verbalizations as related to an activity or person.
will communicate "yes/no" or accept and/refusal when given a choice of two or more items.
will communicate thirst and hunger to adults.
will communicate "sick" or "hurt" to adults at appropriate times.
will communicate the need for help to an adult in the classroom/school setting.
will communicate his/her first and last name upon request.
will communicate where something is located in the school.
will communicate short messages to peers/adults.
will communicate basic safety information.
will describe an object well enough for another person to identify it.
will communicate what to do if lost.
will communicate simple (1-2 step) directions to others.
will communicate complex (3 or more step) directions to others.