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will demonstrate beginning socialization skills.
will turn toward the sound of any voice.
will look at someone who is speaking to him/her.
will acknowledge others with a wave.
will get the attention of an adult or peer by _______________________.
will tell his/her name when asked.
will answer questions asked by others in the classroom.
will smile in response to being smiled at.
will respond to attention from others by vocalizing (or using gestures, etc.).
will laugh in response to verbal and/or visual stimuli.
will take turns in "sound" play (e.g., imitating and modeling sounds).
will participate in interactive but familiar games, like Peek-a-boo.
will imitate facial movements.
will demonstrate affirmative and negative gestures or statements in response to questions.
will engage in interactive play with a peer or adult.
displays appropriate social/physical boundaries (e.g., keeps hands to self; maintains appropriate space).
will obtain items that are out of reach in an appropriate way (e.g., pointing, asking)
will respect the privacy of others.

will learn/use common social routines.
will greet people s/he knows at the beginning of an interaction.
will answer common personal questions (e.g., "What is your name?" " How old are you?" "How are you?")
will say something appropriate for ending a social interaction (e.g., Good bye).
will say "Please," "Thank you," and "You're welcome" at appropriate times.
will ask permission at appropriate times.
will follow established routines for snack time/eating.
will say "Excuse me" or "I'm sorry" at appropriate times.

will interact with people in the environment in an age-appropriate way.
will look at someone who is speaking to him/her.
will greet familiar people by name.
will share toys or materials with others upon request.
will talk with other people at snack/meal time.
will carry on a conversation with an adult for ___ turns
will engage in meaningful solitary play
will engage in parallel play alongside a peer.
will participate in a simple, familiar game with one or more peers.
will engage in interactive play with a peer.
will engage in associative play with peers nearby
will ask before borrowing something.
will ask a peer to join him/her in an activity.
will work on a project/activity with peers.
will take turns when playing a simple routine game with a peer.
will ask to join peers already engaged in an activity.
will engage in creative/imaginative play with a peer.
will engage in cooperative play with 1 or more peers
will volunteer to join in group projects or activities.
will introduce him/herself to others.
will introduce someone else to his/her friends/classmates.
will use age-appropriate vocabulary.
will offer to help someone who needs it.
will gain peer attention in a way that results in a positive peer response.
will immediately stop annoying or aggravating behaviors or language upon peer request.
will give and accept compliments.
will use social skills to prevent/resolve conflicts.
will resolve problems/conflicts with peers in a nonaggressive manner.
will use respectful, friendly words and tone when speaking.
will use social skills to make and keep friends.