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will describe and recognize the following feelings:
will express ___ clearly recognizable emotions using nonverbal means: ______________.
will name synonyms/antonyms for the following feelings:
will recognize/show expressions and body language associated with the following feelings:
will role play feelings in such a way that peers can identify them.
will recognize when s/he feels or might experience the following feelings:
will recognize and name feelings when s/he is experiencing them.
will recognize and name feelings when s/he observes others experiencing them.

will express the following feelings in an appropriate manner at school: (e.g., frustration, affection)
will distinguish appropriate/inappropriate behaviors for expressing feelings.
will distinguish appropriate/inappropriate times for exhibiting specific feelings-related behaviors.
will express his/her own feelings without disrupting the learning environment.
will express his/her own feelings without hurting the feelings of others.
will select and use appropriate behaviors/times for expressing feelings at school.

will learn/use the following skills: (e.g., expressing concern or affection; dealing with fear or anger).
will describe or identify circumstances when it is important to use the skill:
will repeat the steps in the skill:
will recognize the steps being used when others role play using the skill:
will role play use of all steps in using the skill:
will use all steps of the skills in a controlled simulation led by an adult in the school.
will be observed using the skill effectively in a naturally-occurring situation at school.
will self-report/evaluate times when s/he used the skill in a naturally occurring situation.