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will analyze personal social problems, devising and implementing positive solutions.
will analyze social problems of characters from books/movies and offer possible solutions.
will clearly describe a personal problem, what happens before and what happens afterwards.
will identify factors associated with him/herself, the environment, and other people that might cause this problem.
will develop and implement a plan to resolve/prevent the problem.
will evaluate success and revise intervention plans as needed.
will accurately monitor and report own behaviors and their consequences.

will use the following social skills at school:
will describe or identify circumstances when it is important to use the skill:
will repeat the steps in the skill:
will recognize the steps being used when others role play using the skill:
will role play use of all steps in using the skill:
will use all steps of the skills in a controlled simulation led by an adult in the school.
will be observed using the skill effectively in a naturally-occurring situation at school.
will self-report/evaluate times when s/he used the skill in a naturally occurring situation.