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will identify signs of stress and use strategies for reducing it.
will identify physical and emotional responses to/ consequences of stress.
will explain and demonstrate effective use of stress reduction strategies in class:
will select and use favored stress reduction strategies in controlled situations.
will select and use favored stress reduction strategies in naturally occurring situations.

will use relaxation strategies (e.g., deep pressure, self-talk, visualization, etc.) to reduce stress/anxiety.
will complete relaxation procedures with physical prompting if necessary.
will complete relaxation procedures with verbal or visual prompting.
will perform relaxation procedures independently with adult supervision.
will perform relaxation procedures independently, upon adult cue or request.
will independently recognize the need for and implement relaxation procedures.

will acknowledge and accept the consequences of his/her actions.
will calmly tell his/her explanation of what happened to an adult or another person within 2 minutes.
will listen to a brief (1-2 minute) explanation of the adult's or other person's point of view without interrupting.
will explain the consequences his actions had for himself and others.
will explain how those consequences will affect the way people feel about him/her.
will accept negative consequences for violating school rules without argument.
will sincerely acknowledge the hurt feelings of others and select/implement an appropriate response.
will reflect on conflicts/trouble and offer 2 alternative, positive behaviors and their probable outcomes.
will implement a positive solution the next time s/he is in the same circumstance.