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will wash/dry his/her own hands.
will wash/dry hands until clean with physical guidance from an adult.
will independently turn on a faucet and adjust the water flow.
will independently adjust two faucets to get warm water.
will independently turn off faucets when finished.
will independently wash/dry hands until clean.
will leave the sink area dry and clean after washing own hands.

will blow or wipe own nose when necessary.
will allow an adult to wipe his/her nose.
will blow through his/her nose into a tissue upon adult request.
will ask for and cooperate with adult assistance when necessary to care for own nose.
will cooperate with adult assistance to care for his/her nose, then throw away the tissue.
will get the tissue, blow or wipe own nose with adult prompting, throw away the tissue.
will blow or wipe own nose independently.
will wash/dry own hands after blowing or wiping his/her own nose.

will care for his/her own hair.
will brush/comb own hair.
will wash/rinse own hair.
will check to see how s/he looks in the mirror while brushing/combing hair.
will select hair products needed to wash, condition, style, and hold hair.
will put all hair care products away when finished.

will brush/care for own teeth.
will brush teeth with verbal or visual prompts and physical guidance.
will brush teeth with verbal or visual prompts only.
will brush teeth independently, upon request.
will use dental floss to clean between teeth.
will brush/floss after eating.
will rinse/gargle with mouthwash.