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will demonstrate the skill needed to care for own clothing.
will fold or hang clean laundry.
will put clean laundry away in the appropriate locations.
will wash clothing by hand.
will wash clothing by machine.
will dry clothes in a dryer.
will select products needed to treat/wash/dry clothing.

will prepare snacks for him/herself and others.
will scoop food from a jar with a spoon.
will spread soft foods using a knife or back of a spoon.
will open boxes (e.g., cereal or cracker boxes) to remove food.
will prepare snacks with no cooking (e.g., crackers and cheese).
will open and close screw-cap jars.
will make sandwiches.
will toast bread safely without burning it.
will open bottles requiring an opener.
will open cans using an opener.
will wash fruits and vegetables before eating them.
will prepare drinks from drink mixes.

will set-up before meals and clean up afterwards.
will clear dishes and utensils from table following a meal/snack.
will put clean dry dishes/utensils back into correct sections of drawers or cabinets.
will wipe tables/counter tops following meal preparation/completion.
will use a dishwasher.
will wash/dry dishes by hand.
will cover and return appropriate foods to the refrigerator.

will use kitchen appliances to prepare snacks/meals.
will open bottles with an opener.
will open cans with an opener.
will cook food in the microwave.
will safely cook food on the stove top
will safely bake food in the oven.
will safely broil food in the oven.

will measure and combine ingredients according to a recipe.
will measure dry ingredients to the nearest __________ using measuring cups.
will measure dry ingredients to the nearest __________ using measuring spoons.
will measure liquids to the nearest ______________ using measuring cups.
will measure liquids to the nearest ______________ using measuring spoons.
will weigh ingredients on a food scale.
will read labels to identify how much food is inside.
will substitute equal measures (e.g., three teaspoons for one tablespoon).

will plan and prepare balanced meals on a regular basis.

will classify food by nutritional category.
will tell or show how many items are needed from each food category each day.
will distinguish balanced from unbalanced meals.
will select and prepare nutritious snacks.
will plan and prepare meals that include foods from each category.
will plan a weekly menu of balanced meals.

will demonstrate the skills needed to maintain a clean, organized home.
will put away items after using them.
will put away items that were left out.
will make beds.
will clean kitchens.
will clean bathrooms.
will clean floors with a broom.
will clean floors with a vacuum sweeper.
will dust furniture.
will clean glass.
will make and follow a cleaning schedule.