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will demonstrate the following leisure skills in the classroom.
will select an activity to do for fun in the classroom when given a choice.
will select and invite a peer to participate in a fun activity in the classroom.
will participate and follow the rules of games used in the classroom:
will complete leisure activities or participate in the same activity for a specified period of time.

will select and participate in preferred social activities at school.
will describe personal interests and identify school activities throughout the year that match those interests.
will select and explain his/her preferences for involvement in extra-curricular activities (including noninvolvement).
will explain the requirements/procedures for participating in one or more activities.
will join in during preferred activities.
will demonstrate the social skills required to participate in selected activities.
will follow through with commitments made as a result of participation in extra activities.
will plan and manage his/her time to allow for meeting all responsibilities while participating in extra activities.