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will set up and clean up according to classroom routines.
will pick up and hold small objects with hand.
will put objects/materials into large containers (e.g., desk, bookshelves, baskets).
will dispose of trash in the appropriate location.
will open bags without fasteners.
will remove objects/materials from large containers (e.g., desk, bookshelves, baskets).
will use a sponge or cloth to wipe dirt/spills from flat surfaces.
will remove materials or food from small containers.
will take out and put away books in desk.
will stack materials (e.g., cafeteria trays).
will obtain personal items from own bag or pocket and give them to the teacher (e.g., lunch money).
will collect objects/materials from others and puts them in a designated location.
will pass out objects or materials.
will open cartons and containers with lids.
will open sealed bags (e.g., potato chips).
will begin set up or clean up routines within ___ seconds of being given the cue (instruction).
will get own food and materials at lunch time.
will put away all food/materials at lunch time.

will come to classes with all necessary materials.
will identify which materials are typically needed for specific classes.
will always have the following materials ready for all classes:
will use a system to identify which materials are needed for specific classes on specific days.
will keep all materials in a regular place, returning them after each use.
will bring all necessary materials to class before class begins.

will have the materials needed to work on assignments whenever s/he has study time.
will take an assignment sheet and all needed materials to study hall each day.
will take an assignment sheet and all needed materials home at the end of each day.
will return all materials and the assignment sheet to school each day.