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will actively participate in outdoor activities with group of peers.
will propel a riding toy with feet _______ feet.
will pedal tricycle at least _______ feet.
will climb ladder to low slide (3'-6').
will explore unsteady surfaces and try to make them move.
will sit on saddle swing, hanging on to chains and attempt to "pump."
will pump independently to swing.

will play safely and appropriately on the playground.
will play on at least one type of moveable play equipment (e.g., swing).
will throw and catch a large playground ball.
will play on low, stable equipment (e.g., low climbing structure).
will run at least 20 feet in a straight line without falling.
will run without falling when making changes in direction or speed.
will perform two or more of the following: running, hopping, skipping, jumping.
will throw and catch a small ball.
will play one or more games involving kicking (e.g., kickball).
will play two or more games involving hitting a target (e.g., basketball, baseball, dodgeball).
will play on high, stable play equipment (e.g., jungle gyms, high climbing structure).