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will cooperate with adults to take medicines appropriately.
will swallow liquid medicines given by a familiar adult.
will chew pills given by a familiar adult.
will swallow pills or capsules given by a familiar adult.
will refuse medicines given by an unfamiliar adult or a child.
will remember and follow recommendations for taking specific medications.
will demonstrate awareness of safety precautions associated with medicine.

will demonstrate skills needed for personal safety.
will keep objects out of his/her mouth.
will remain in the area with adult supervisors.
will stop in response to an imperative from a familiar adult.
will follow adult directions when traveling from place to place.
will follow directions from a person in charge in an emergency.
will report illness/injury to an adult.
will demonstrate caution around electrical outlets and equipment.
will demonstrate caution around hot things.
will demonstrate caution around moving things.
will recognize and respond appropriately to dangerous situations (e.g., broken glass).
will keep work areas clean, dry and uncluttered.
will use materials/tools/equipment safely in school.
will refuse to leave the area with an unfamiliar person.
will identify items/actions that are safe/unsafe.
will explain why activities/item are safe/unsafe.
will refuse to participate in unsafe activities.
will check for safety before crossing a traffic area.