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will accept and give praise to others in appropriate situations.
will list appropriate and inappropriate responses to praise.
will respond appropriately to praise from others.
will identify situations when others deserve praise.
will offer praise to others at appropriate times and in an appropriate manner.

will demonstrate self-confidence in a variety of settings.
will identify and explain positive characteristics about him/herself.
will identify and explain appropriate ways to make positive comments about oneself.
will make positive comments about her/himself
will monitor and explain the reaction of others to positive comments.

will recognize authority.
will explain common rights, roles, and responsibilities of people in authority.
will demonstrate respect for the people in authority over them.
will perform a series of ___ tasks in response to verbal directions by a supervisor.
will perform a series of ___ tasks in response to written directions by a supervisor.
will explain the limits placed upon the rights of authority figures.
will list examples of situations in which it would be appropriate to disregard authority figures.

will use appropriate listening/responding skills when communicating with others.
will explain proper techniques for listening and responding in a variety of situations.
will demonstrate appropriate techniques when role playing a variety of situations.
will describe the possible consequences of listening/responding inappropriately.
will use I-statements effectively in a variety of situations.
will accurately paraphrase the speaker's ideas and feelings.

will think critically to solve personal problems.
will identify and describe relevant aspects of the problem.
will clarify the purpose and goals of the problem solving effort.
will identify possible solutions to the problem and the likely impact of each.
will evaluate options and select the solution that best fits purpose/goals.
will evaluate the results of implementing the selected option.

will predict and evaluate the consequences of taking specific actions.
will explain cause and effect relationships when presented with hypothetical social situations.
will explain cause and effect relationships in personal social situations.
will predict several possible consequences to specific actions in a variety of social situations.
will explain the variables that might influence which consequence is most likely.

will demonstrate awareness of how his/her behavior influences others.
will list ways that people communicate that behavior is inappropriate.
will describe situations when other people cued him/her about inappropriate behavior.

will recognize and respond to emergency situations.
will identify appropriate authorities to contact in emergency situations.
List personal responsibilities in emergency situations.

will understand subtleties of communication.
will explain how posture, expression, tone, and choice of words can influence communication.
will identify nonverbal cues that represent a variety of feelings/messages.
will demonstrate nonverbal cues to represent a variety of feelings/messages.
will demonstrate nonverbal behaviors that match his/her intended feelings/messages.