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will protest/reject/refuse an item/action/person at _______ level ______ out of _____ opportunities as measured by _________.
Avert glaze.
Turn head away.
Exhibit negative facial expression (frown).
Push item/person away in a socially appropriate way.
Sign/gesture/point to picture of "no" or "stop".
Say "no" or "stop".
Increase length of utterance to protest/refuse.
Give reason for refusal.

will request attention/assistance at ______ level out of _______ opportunities as measured by ____.
Make/maintain eye contact.
Wait for a pause in conversation before attempting to gain attention.
Gain attention in a socially appropriate manner.
Use verb/noun phrase (want play).
Increase vocabulary (spoken or signed).
Increase length of utterance.
Increase number of signs in combination.
Use sentence (I want to play with you).
Use polite phrases, e.g., thank you, excuse me.
State reason for need of attention.
Wait appropriately for others' attention/assistance.
Respond when name is called.
Indicate what type of assistance is needed.
Accept appropriate level of assistance.

will label objects, people or activities and indicate choice by picture/words/sign at _________ level ___ out of _____ opportunities as measured by __________.
Say one word utterance ("finished").
Repeat stereotyped phrase ("all gone").
Use increased length of utterance to comment on events or topic.
Focus gaze/point/reach toward chosen object.
Point eye/gaze at picture representing choice.
Indicate affirmation or negation to questions.
Name objects.
Name people.
Name activities.
Indicate choice.
Produce phrase/word indicating choice.
Produce sentence indicating choice.

will give information by using words/pictures/sign at ____ level ____ out of ____ opportunities as measured by ____________.
Indicate first name.
Indicate full name.
Indicate age.
Indicate birthday.
Indicate phone number.
Provide additional information as requested.
Leave message on an answering maching.
Answer general information questions.
Indicate a lack of knowledge appropriately.
Express personal feelings in a socially acceptable manner.
Compliment appropriately.
Express appreciation appropriately.
Apologize appropriately.
Console another.

will seek/respond to information/questions at ___________ level _____ out of _______ opportunities as measured by _____________.
Use sign/words/augmentative communication to ask questions.
Use one word utterance with correct inflection to ask a question.
Use phrase or sentence with correct inflection to ask question.
Wait for response.
Respond appropriately with yes/no to question.
Respond to "wh" questions.
Seek out appropriate reference/person.
Request clarification.
Follow simple commands.
Follow 1 part directions.
Follow __ part directions.
Paraphrase oral message.

will initiate and maintain an interactive communication at __________ level _____ out of _____ opportunities as measured by ____________.
Remain in proximity of other.
Make/maintain eye contact with other.
Listen and respond alternately with other in conversation.
Use words/sign to answer and ask follow-up questions.
Ask/answer/comment and stay on topic.
Appropriately initiate and close interaction.
Verbalize about people, objects and events not present.
Engage in verbal turn-taking on specific topic.
Recognize when a conversation is terminated.
Finish/close a conversation.
Identify appropriate and inappropriate times to talk.
Use volumne/rate appropriate to situation.
Identify appropriate and inappropriate words/topics.
Greet others and respond to greeting.
Bid or respond to farewell.
Use appropriate tone and facial expression.
Use age appropriate speech and language.
Maintain appropriate social distance.
Wait for pause in conversation before speaking.
Limit perseverative speech.
Relate a sequence of events.
Describe an experience or process.