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will increase reading readiness skills in the area(s) of _________ (phonemics, print awareness, letter knowledge, decoding, word recognition, comprehension) to ________ as measured by _________ (running records, probes, anecdotal records, work samples, etc.)
Use background knowledge and prior experience to interpret stories.
Discriminate between fact and fiction.
Recognize that stories have a beginning, middle, and end.
Predict what happens next in a story.
Make predictions and discuss stories that have been read.
Tell a story from pictures (to match illustrations).
Retell stories that have been read aloud (e.g., character identification, setting, problem, solutions, and sequence of events).
Identify sequence of events, main ideas, and details or facts in literary and informational text.
Respond to readings in many ways (e.g., story mappings, topic webbings, etc.)
Reads (or memorizes) books with simple repetitive language patterns.
Identify and use reference materials and nonfiction sources (e.g., library, picture dictionary, and wall charts to locate information).