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will increase skills in transition safely within the community to _________ (criteria) as measured by _______ (evaluation tool).
Transition from desk to classroom line.
Transition between rooms.
Transition between school and bus.
Transition between classroom and playground.
Transition between locations in building.
Access/carry personal belongings during transitions.
Open door (accessing knobs, handles, bars, electric door button).
Close doors.
Move through automatic/revolving doors.
Move up and down ramps.
Negotiate curbs.
Ride up and down escalator.
Move into/out of elevators.
Operate elevators.
Move through turnstiles.
Negotiate stairs up and down.
Locate appropriate public restrooms.
Navigate barriers in environment.
Locate barrier free routes and barriers within a building in the community.
Follow familiar routes.
Ask and follow directions.
Read and follow building directory.
Use adaptive equipment safely.