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will increase reading readiness skills in the area(s) of ____________- (phonemics, print awareness, letter knowledge, decoding, word recognition, comprehension) to __________ as measured by _________ (running records, probes, anecdotal records, work samples, etc.
Demonstate orientation to a book (e.g., front to back, top to bottom, left to right).
Demonstrate by pointing to pictures that pictures provide information.
Follow words left to right and top to bottom with return sweep.
Demonstrate by pointing that the print and picture give meaning to the book.
Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of words by matching, pairing words with pictures and identifying common environmental words.
Recognize symbols and words in the classroom, school and community (e.g., classroom labels, outdoor labels such as STOP).
Recognize name and words that begin with the same letter symbol as own name.
Distinguish between letters, words and numerals in a line of print.
Match familiar words age-appropriate test (e.g., one-to-one).
Recognize own name in print.
Recognize the meaning of language, prior knowledge of word order, and/or punctuation to give meaning to reading.
Follow words left to right and top to bottom with return sweep.
Identify upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.
Identify names of upper and lowercase letters (PK: few, K: 40, 1st Grade: all).
Spell words/names by identifying the letters in the name or word.
Distinguish letters from words.
Recognize beginning and ending of a sentence.