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will use an analog/digital clock appropriately at _________ level with ________ percent accuracy as measured by ___________.

Tell time to the hour.
Tell time to the half hour.
Tell time to 5 minute intervals.
Tell time to 1 minute intervals.
Add and subtract time to solve a problem.

will use and demonstrate time management skills at ________ level with/without assistance with _____percent accuracy as measured by ___________.
Use cues to anticipate upcoming activities.
Use cues to anticipate closure of activities.
Identify pictures/words/objects on a schedule.
Identify sequence of activities on a picture/word/object schedule.
Identify activities that occur in the morning, afternoon, evening and nighttime.
Name/read/write days of the week in sequence.
Name/read/write the months of the year in sequence.
Read/write word abbreviations for days/months.
Read/write a complete date e.g., 1/12/199, Jan. 12, 1999, January 12,1999.
Name equivalences for days, weeks, months, and year, e.g., days in week, months in year.
Participate and respond to daily calendar activities.
Identify activities with seasons of the year and holidays.
Use TV schedules.
Use public transportation schedules.
Use a personal calendar to keep track of birthdays, holidays and special events.
Schedule and keep appointments.
Include due dates on calendar.
Return videos/books when due.
Set timer/alarm to keep track of timed activities.
Estimate required time for an activity.
Plan/carry out a daily timetable.
Use terms yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Determine when you have to leave in order to arrive on time.
Determine how much time will elapse before an event occurs.