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will increase skills in dance by performing ________ (condition) (#) components of ____ types of dances on ____ (criteria) opportunities as measured by __________ (evaluation).

1 Name basic steps.
2 Verbally list basic aerobic principles.
3 Dress appropriately for aerobic dance.
4 Perform proper warm-up and cool-down.
5 Perform a march step upon command.
6 Perform a grape vine upon command.
7 Perform a rest step upon command.
8 Perform a side step upon command.
9 Perform a two-step upon command.
10 Perform heel and toe touches upon command.
11 Perform a rocking horse upon command.
12 Jog forward and back upon command.
13 Jog with a kick on four.
14 Perform a lindy step upon command.
15 Dance a pony upon command.
16 Perform an aerobic dance routine to music.
17 Monitor heart rate periodically during aerobic dance.
18 Verbally define aerobic dance terminology (e.g., two-step, head rate, rocking horse, etc.).