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will increase skills in archery by demonstrating _________ (condition or number) skills on ____ (criteria) as measured by __________ (evaluation).
1 Verbally list______rules of the sport.
2 Name the parts and features of an archery range and tackle.
3 Verbally list_____etiquette and safety considerations.
4 Name essential archery equipment.
5 Position body in a square stance by straddling the shooting line with both feet parallel to each other and toes lined
up with center of target.
6 Position body in an open stance by turning the body at a 45 degree angle to the target.
7 Nock the arrow, upon command, by using proper bow grip and slipping nock onto string at 90-degree angle with string.
8 Set the hook using three fingers of archer's dominant hand.
9 Establish a proper bow hold.
10 Hold head in a natural position, turned to look directly at center of target.
11 Raise bow, upon command, with nocked arrow to shoulder height, bow arm extended toward target, and drawing arm forming an extension of the arrow.
12 Draw the bowstring into shooting position upon command.
13 Anchor the bowstring by placing index finger of drawing hand under the tip of the jawbone with thumb relaxed against neck.
14 Anchor the bowstring from a seated position by consistently drawing to same point of torso.
15 Shoot, upon command, using a bow sight.
16 Shoot. upon command, aiming at a spot with the point of the arrow.
17 Shoot, upon command. from a seated position by focusing on the center of the target.
18 Release the arrow by letting string roll off fingers while maintaining anchor point.
19 Follow through by maintaining focus on target and keeping the tension of the upper back muscles.
20 Retrieve arrows, upon command, using correct retrieval technique.
21 Hit target from ___ yards.
22 Score a round of shooting.
23 Verbally define archery terminology (e.g., address the target, round, hold, end, release).