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will increase basketball skills and knowledge of rules in ______ of _______ components of the sport (e.g., list specific skills being emphasized) as measured by ___________ (performance data, teacher make probes, etc.).

1 Pass the ball using a two-handed chest pass/bounce pass.
2 Pass the ball using a two-handed chest pass/bounce pass and positioning one loot ahead of the other.
3 Pass the bail using a one or two-handed bounce pass.
4 Catch the ball with fingers spread and relaxed and elbows bent.
5 Shoot a ball into a basket of modified height.
6 Shoot a beach ball into a basket of modified height, using the head.
7 Shoot a one-handed jump shot with the jump in a vertical plane.
8 Dribble the bail waist high, or lower. with a cupped hand by using fingertips and a relaxed wrist to push the ball.
9 Dribble from a wheelchair taking a maximum of three pushes between bounces.
10 Shoot a lay-up using a two-step approach and taking off with the left foot from the right side of the basket (reverse from left).
11 Shoot a lay-up using an eight-step approach while dribbling.
12 Guard an opponent with knees slightly bent and hands up.
13 Play a modified game of basketball with rules and equipment adapted as needed.
14 State ________(#) rules of the game of basketball.