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will increase bowling skills and knowledge of rules in _______ of ______ components of the game (e.g., list specific skills being emphasized) as measured by ___________ (performance data, monthly log, etc.).

1 Locate shoes and bowling balls in a bowling alley.
2 Select ball with appropriate weight and finger-size.
3 Exhibit appropriate bowling etiquette.
4 Hold ball on bowling ramp.
5 Hold ball with two hands under control.
6 Properly grip ball, supported by nonbowling hand with elbow in.
7 Identify foul line.
8 Assume proper stance at foul line (feet together, knees bent).
9 Perform entire approach sequence (feet together and knees bent, stepping forward as dominant arm swings back).
10 Release the ball by:_____________.
11 Count pins knocked down.
12 Count and record pins knocked down.
13 Recognize strikes and spares.
14 Record strikes and spares correctly.
15 Keep own score far entire game.
16 State _______(#) rules of the game.