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will increase condition skills by developing own exercise program with ______ (#) of exercises and performing it _________ (#) times per week as measured by ________ (observational data, checklist, student log, etc.).

1 Dress appropriately for exercising.
2 Use and identify equipment as each exercise is named.
3 Use proper form while exercising.
4 Use proper breathing techniques for weight lining.
5 Exercise on a regular basis.
6 Name exercises that are part of his/her conditioning program.
7 Name exercises that are contraindicated for his/her disability.
8 Consistently use warm-up and cool-down exercises.
9 Consistently perform a variety of exercises that improve strength/tone in all areas.
10 Identify the muscle or muscle groups that each exercise benefits.
11 Increase work of routine by adjusting the number of repetitions or the amount of weights at appropriate intervals.
12 Develop and use a balanced conditioning program.
13 Record workouts in a journal or log.
14 Use and develop a list of accessible exercise/conditioning facilities in the community.