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will increase skills in cycling by demonstrating __________ (condition or number) skills on _______ (criteria) as measured by __________ (evaluation).

1 Describe how to correctly select appropriate cycle size, handlebar, and saddle height.
2 Secure cycle for protection.
3 Utilize appropriate cycling attire.
4 Identify basic parts of a cycle.
5 Mount, dismount, and use kickstand or brake.
6 Ride a cycle with assistive devices or assistance.
7 Ride a cycle independently.
8 Employ safe steering techniques.
9 Use safe braking techniques.
10 Ride a cycle independently using appropriate gear selection.
11 Utilize proper hand signals.
12 Observe and employ traffic safety techniques and rules of the road.
13 Name safest conditions in which to ride (time of day, traffic conditions, weather, route).
14 Negotiate various surfaces while cycling.
15 Maintain bike in working order (tire pressure, brake pads, oiling chain, changing a tire.
16 Plan a cycling trip.