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will increase football skills and knowledge of rules in _________ of _____ components of the game(e.g., list specific skills being emphasized) as measured by _________ (performance data, observational, etc.).

1 Grip the ball lightly behind the middle with the fingers relaxed and on the lace.
2 Pass the ball by pointing the off foot in the direction of the pass, with body turned sideways and ball raised up and over the shoulders.
3 Pass the ball, while sitting in wheelchair, in the direction of a target.
4 Catch the ball in hands with a slight giving movement and tucking into arm.
5 Carry the bail with the arm on the outside and the end of the bail into the notch formed by the elbow and arm.
6 Punt, by holding ball in both hands, waist-high in front of body directly over kicking leg, releasing ball and swinging kicking leg forward and upward.
7 Move, carrying the bail and dodging in and out of opponents.
8 Play a modified game of football with rules and adapted equipment:
9 State_______(#} rules to the game.