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will increase skills in gymnastics by demonstrating _________ (condition or number) skills on _______ (criteria) as measured by _________ (evaluation.
1 Verbally list rules of _________events.
2 Verbally explain breakdown of scoring.
3 Name pieces of gymnastics equipment.
4 Verbally list -___ etiquette and safety considerations.
5 Swing on the horizontal bar.
6 Swing to a dismount from the horizontal bar.
7 Perform a front-hip circle on the horizontal bar.
8 Hang from the parallel bars.
9 Sit on the parallel bars.
10 Perform a skin-the-cat move on the parallel bars.
11 Perform a dismount from the parallel bars.
12 Jump off the side horse from a squatting position.
13 Vault to a squatting position on the side horse.
14 Perform a squat vault from the side horse.
15 Mount the uneven parallel bars.
16 Perform a forward stride circle on the uneven parallel bars.
17 Dismount from the uneven parallel bars.
18 Mount balance beam.
19 Perform a scale on the balance beam.
20 Perform a pirouette on the balance beam.
21 Dismount from the balance beam.
22 Perform a handstand.
23 Perform a handstand to a forward roll.
24 Perform a bridge.
25 Perform a back walkover.
26 Perform a cartwheel.