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will increase hockey skills and knowledge of rules in ___ of ____ components of the game (e.g., list specific skills being emphasized) as measured by ____________ (performance data, observational, etc.).

1 Perform a bridge.
2 Dribble a ball using the legs while sitting in a wheelchair.
3 Dribble a bail using a hockey stick that is attached to the body or chair.
4 Grip the hockey stick with the left hand at the top and the right hand eight to twelve inches below the left (reverse for left handers).
5 Dribble by pushing the puck 10 or 15 feet in front and then moving to the puck and giving it another push, and repeating the sequence.
6 Dribble in a controlled manner by using a series of short laps in the desired direction for ___ feet.
7 Dribble the puck within ______feet of the goal and shoot the puck into the goal.
8 Dribble a ball/puck, using a hockey stick, and stop the puck upon command by placing the stick in front Of the puck.
9 Dribble a puck and pass it to a partner who is feet away.
10 Pass the puck________feet to a partner.
11 Quickly hit the puck by keeping the hands apart and using a short follow-through in a forward motion after contact with the puck.
12 Drive the puck by bringing the hands together at the end of the stick and using a short follow-through in a forward motion after contact with the puck.
13 Tackle (intercept) the puck by moving toward an opponent and placing the stick against the puck when it is off the opponent's stick.
14 Face-off with an opponent by facing your goal line. hitting the ground, and then the opponent's stick over the puck alternately three times, and then playing the puck.
15 Play a modified game of hockey with rules and equipment adapted as needed.
16 State ________(#) rules to the game.