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will increase skating skills by skating outside or at a roller rink in ____ of ___ components of the sport (e.g., list specific skills being emphasized) as measured by ____________ (performance data, observational data, etc.).

1 Select appropriate skating clothing and equipment.
2 State __________(#) etiquette and safety considerations of skating.
3 Stand on skates.
4 Walk on skates.
5 Recover properly from a fall.
6 Skate forward without falling.
7 Glide forward on both skates.
8 Glide forward on one skate.
9 Glide forward using alternate skating strokes.
10 Stop, using a barrier.
11 Stop, using toe slop.
12 Turn while skating forward.
13 Skate In and out of cones.
14 Skate backward.
15 Identify safe and unsafe skating areas.