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will increase soccer skills and knowledge of rules in ____ of ___ components of the game (e.g., list specific skills being emphasized) as measured by ___________ (performance data, observational, etc.).

1 Kick using the inside of the fool with the toe turned out and the sole of the foot parallel to the ground.
2 Move the ball with the wheelchair using adaptive equipment.
3 Trap by using the inside of the foot and giving with the ball.
4 Dribble by using a series of taps with the foot to cover ground and still retain control of the ball
5 Pass on the dribble to a teammate by using an inside or outside of the foot kick
6 Kick a goal off the dribble from a distance of twelve to fifteen feet from the goal line,
7 Block a ball at the goal line by moving the wheelchair parallel to the goal.
8 Play a modified game of soccer with rules and adapted equipment:______.
9 State ______rules to the game.