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will increase appropriate behavior in a physical education setting by performing ________ (#) mature behaviors expected of all students as measured by _________ (observational data, teacher-made probe, etc.).

1 Take turns.
2 Wait for turn.
3 Keep hands to self.
4 Initiate cooperative play.
5 Communicate appropriately with peers.
6 Stay on task for _______(time-minutes).
7 Exhibit good sportsmanship, e.g., acceptance of win/loss situations, acceptance of own/others abilities, puts forthbest effort).
8 Follow teachers' verbal/visual directions.
9 Recognize inability to understand directions and seek clarification before proceeding with task.
10 Ask appropriate questions to gain understanding of the activity (e.g., how far away is the net, how high is the basket, where are the boundaries).
11 Ask for, and/or accept, assistance when needed.
12 Dress down for physical education class.
13 Arrive on time for physical education class.
14 Exhibit good social etiquette in physical education class ( e.g., please, thank you, will you please help me).