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will increase softball skills and knowledge of rules in ______ of _____ components of the game (e.g., list specific skills being emphasized) as measured by ____________ (performance data, observational, etc.).

1 Throw, using a mature bilateral throw with throwing arm. following through diagonally across the body.
2 Throw the ball, while in a wheelchair, in the direction of a target.
3 Catch a low ball keeping little fingers together and forming a basket with the hands (fingers down).
4 Catch a high ball keeping the thumbs together and catching the ball in front of the chin (fingers up).
5 Field a ground ball with the feet spread, seat down, and hands carried low and in front of the body.
6 Rotate hip and spine on the backswing and transfer weight to the front foot on the follow-through.
7 Hit a ball off a batting tee.
8 Run the base path from first base to home plate.
9 Play a modified game of softball with rules and adapted equipment:_____________.
10 State _____________(#) rules of the game.