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will increase skills in tennis by demonstrating __________ (condition or number) skills on ____ (criteria) as measured by _________ (evaluation).
1 Name the parts and features of a tennis court.
2 Verbally list (#) etiquette and safety considerations.
3 Name essential tennis equipment.
4 Execute a correct forehand grip.
5 Hit a balloon using a correct forehand grip.
6 Execute a correct backhand grip.
7 Hit a balloon using a correct backhand grip.
8 Perform a forehand underhand serve.
9 Perform a forehand overhand serve.
10 Perform a legal forehand serve.
11 Perform a forehand drive.
12 Perform a backhand drive.
13 Perform a forehand volley.
14 Perform a backhand volley.
15 Perform a lob shot.
16 Execute an overhead smash.
17 Perform a drop shot.
18 Keep score during a game.
19 Stand in the correct location on the court for serving or receiving upon command.
20 Play a single's game.
21 Play a double's game.
22 Verbally define tennis terminology (e.g., ace, let, serve, deuce, volley, cross-court. foot fault).