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will increase track and field skills and knowledge of rules in ____ of _____ components of the game (e.g., list specific skills being emphasized) as measured by ___________ (performance data, observational, etc.).

1 Start in a half-stride standing position with the body leaning forward, weight on the toes, and arms hanging slightly back.
2 Start in a sprinter's position with the front foot four to twelve inches behind starting line, thumb and first finger just behind line. and knee of rear leg opposite front foot.
3 Run a distance of ______meters/yards.
4 Start in a wheelchair so the buttocks press against the lower part of the chair back, leaning forward and grasping the wheels at the eleven o'clock position with the thumbs inside and ringers outside.
5 Utilize _______(#) warm-up and cool-down techniques for track and field.
6 Pass the baton to the hand of the teammate ahead.
7 Jump forward flexing both knees with arms, extended behind body, swinging arms forcefully forward and upward reaching full extension above head, taking off and landing on both feet simultaneously with arms swinging downward during landing.
8 Run and jump taking off on one foot and landing on both feet.
9 Jump over a high jump bar using a flop or scissors-style jump.
10 Grip the shot so the weight is centered at the base of the three middle fingers with thumb and fingers to the sides and hand flexed back and put shot using a standing, drop-back, side-hop, or glide-put style.