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will increase walking skills by walking ____ times per week for ________ (minutes, miles, etc.) as measured by _______ (performance data, checklist, teacher-make probes, etc.).
1 Walk on familiar surface indoors.
2 Identify correct shoes for walking
3 Choose appropriate clothing for walking in various weather conditions
4 Walk prescribed distance with head up.
5 Walk using appropriate posture, arm swing, and stride
6 Identify best home of day far walking (e.g., cold versus warm weather, between meals, daylight).
7 Walk continuously.
8 Utilize warm-up and cool-down techniques far walking.
9 Use proper breathing techniques
10 Recognize signs of fatigue.
11 Monitor heart rate.
12 Determine and maintain target heart rate.
13 Utilize race walking techniques to enhance fitness.
14 Follow a directed walking program.
15 Choose a partner or group for walking.
16 Follow own walking plan on a weekly basis.
17 Walk safely in the community.