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will manage conflicts on a daily basis with _________ frequency, independent of teacher support, with teacher support as measured by ________ (teacher observation, checklist, anecdotal records, behavior checklist, self evaluation, etc.).

1 Identify situations may lead to conflict (e.g.. hurtful teasing. name calling).
2 Respond appropriately to peer pressure.
3 Constructively deal with situations mat may lead to conflict.
4 Identify appropriate ways of dealing with confict.
5 Name types of behaviors and language that are acceptable and unacceptable.
6 Name personal behaviors that may contribute to a conflict.
7 Walk away /seek help in physical confrontations or set-ups.
8 Lake provocative situations (name calling, teasing, pushing) to avoid involvement in the situation.
9 Approach another person for explanation-when perceived-to be unjustly criticized.
10 Resolve conflicts without physical contact or abrasive language (e.g., stating emotions/desire, or walking away).
11 Ignore peers when cued by teacher {verbal or sign).
12 Seek assistance to resolve conflict after independent attempt.
13 Compromise in conflict situations by changing his/her own ideas to reach agreement.
14 Follow through on making commitments involved in a decision.
15 Ignore classroom conflict by remaining in seat. not getting verbally involved and practicing self management.
16 Cooperate with group decisions in which the student is not in agreement.
17 Appropriately state angry feelings to omen involved in the situation.
18 Take a time out without physical assist by teacher(s).
19 Participate in competitive game until the end of the period, regardless of outcome (be a good sport).
20 Accept feedback appropriately.
21 Control temper in conflict situations with peer and/or adult.