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will identify and manage feelings (i.e., anger, anxiety, stress, frustration) on a daily basis with _________ frequency as measured by _____________.
1 Identify behaviors that cause others to become angry (i.e., calling others names, tattling, making unkind remarks
and discussing others).
2 Express anger appropriately by using words to state feelings.
3 Ask adult for help or move away to a quiet play (voluntary time out).
4 Follow the direction to take a time out when asked by teacher.
5 Respond to teasing from peers appropriately.
6 Control temper in conflict situations with adults.
7 Receive feedback appropriately.
8 Listen to the opinion of a peer without interrupting or walking away.
9 Seek help appropriately.
10 State how his/her behavior affects others.
11 Identify way(s) to ease frustration in hypothetical situations.
12 Identify signs of frustration in self.
13 Name ways people show approval/disapproval.
14 Describe situation's) in which student experiences a given emotion.
15 Describe condition(s) which make the student feel angry.
16 Distinguish between fact, rational belief and irrational belief.
17 Manage unreasonable fears.
18 Name alternative, appropriate ways to express emotions (pleasure, anger, and/or frustration).
19 Express emotions appropriate to given situations.
20 Describe feelings or mood when asked.
21 Correctly identify emotions (happy, scared, angry, sad) from a set of pictures.
22 Continue to maintain appropriate behavior even when frustrated.
23 Identify signs of anxiety and stress in self and others.
24 Practice methods to reduce anxiety and stress in real and simulated situations.
25 Use appropriate methods to reduce anxiety and stress in real and simulated situations.
26 Demonstrate self-control as directed by the teacher in role playing situation.
27 Identify situations which lead to stress.
28 Name alternative ways to handle frustration.
29 Identify behaviors which demonstrate self-control.
30 State a complaint appropriately.
31 Answer a complaint appropriately.
32 Respond to persuasion appropriately.
33 Respond to failure appropriately.
34 Respond to accusation appropriately.
35 Accept NO for an answer.
36 Say NO in inappropriate/unreasonable request(s).

will identify and express feelings/strengths about self and others with __________ frequency, (independent of teacher prompts and redirections) as measured by _______________.
1 State feelings by using affective vocabulary and non-verbal cues.
2 Make positive self-affirmations.
3 Identify/state the accomplishments of others.
4 Make positive statement about the qualities and accomplishments of self.
5 Make positive statement about the qualities and accomplishments of others.
6 Identify areas of improvement.
7 Act respectfully toward an individual with different qualities and characteristics (i.e., accepting the person without
derogatory comment, hurtful teasing or actions).
8 Show understanding of another's feelings.
9 Name things the student likes and dislikes about self.