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will identify _____ number of personal values met through work as measured by ____________ (evaluation tool).
1 Describe how employment is necessary to obtain economical independence.
2 identify the role of employment in building personal and social relationships.
3 List personal needs met through work (self-concept. esteem. role clarification. security. socialization.)
4 Describe how work is related to one's self-esteem.

will identify ______ number of societal values met through work as measured by ____________ (evaluation tool).
1 Identify ways in which individual workers help society (contribute goods and services, pay taxes. Etc. )
2 Identify ways in which members of a specific occupation contribute to society.
3 Identify ways in which workers on different jobs are interdependent
4 Describe rewards for development of skills for different occupations (income, esteem, etc. ).

will identify remunerative aspects of work with ___________ percent accuracy as measured by __________ (evaluation tool).
1 Identify reasons why people are paid for working [they are earning money to live, they meet a production need).
2 Identify reasons why some jobs pay better than others (more training involved, higher level of skill).
3 Explain how personal needs are met through wages (purchasing clothe% load. shelter, etc.).
4 Explain the positive and negative aspect of different kinds of wages (piece rate, hourly wage, monthly salary, etc.).
5 Explain the basic steps in getting a raise or promotion in an entry level job.
6 Identify basic benefits that some jobs offer (vacation, overtime. health benefits).

will identify and use employment resources available to assist in finding a job as measured by __________ (evaluation tool).
1 Identify the steps involved in searching for a job.
2 Identify friends. relatives. and neighbors who can assist in finding a job.
3 Utilize newspaper want ads and yellow pages as a resource for finding a job.
4 Identify work experience coordinator as a resource in finding a job.
5 Identify Vocational Rehabilitation and the Employment Division as a resource for finding a job.
6 Describe the advantages and disadvantages of private employment agencies.

will complete job applications and interview for jobs _________ out of _______ opportunities as measured by ___________ (evaluation tool).
1 identify appropriate job application procedures.
2 Collect personal data to be utilized for a job application to meet 1-9 regulation, i.e., birth certificate, Social security card, photo I.D.
3 Complete a real or simulated job application.
4 Complete a formal resume.
5 Identify appropriate interview behaviors (dress appropriately, arrive punctually, sit and speak appropriately, etc.).
6 Schedule interview by telephone or personal contact.
7 Obtain transportation to and from the interview.
8 Demonstrate confidence and proficiency in job interview situations.
9 Inquire about employment benefits (medical/dental insurance, retirement, etc.).
10 Complete a real or simulated job interview.
11 Voluntarily follow through by contacting employer when appropriate.
12 Complete W-4 form. with assistance if needed.
13 Complete insurance forms.

will be able to identify and list ____ number of positive and negative behaviors related to continued employment as measured by _____________ (evaluation tool).
1 List reasons for dismissal.
2 List behaviors which lead to continued employment.
3 List behavior which may lead lo dismissal.
4 List reasons for pay raises/promotion.
5 List appropriate way to approach a supervisor.

will identify and list ___ number of causes and consequences of unemployment as measured by ______________ (evaluation tool).
1 List possible causes of unemployment.
2 Describe some of the consequences of unemployment.
3 Identify and locate the agencies which assist people who are unemployed.
4 Identify and describe eligibility for unemployment benefits.
5 Apply for unemployment benefits when appropriate.

will list and describe safety procedures in various/specific work settings with ___________ percent accuracy as measured by ____________ (evaluation tool).
1 Identify appropriate safety procedures.
2 State the meaning of common danger labels and signs.
3 Practice appropriate safety procedures.
4 Recognize that an injury has occurred.
5 Report any accident immediately to supervisor.
6 Attend to own injuries as appropriate.
7 Seek attention appropriately for more involved injuries.
8 Participate in completing accident forms accurately.
9 Demonstrate ability to use 91 1 correctly in a simulation.

will review paycheck for accuracy __________ out of ____ opportunities as measured by __________ (evaluation tool).
1 State pay rate.
2 Monitor time worked, including overtime.
3 Account for deductions from payroll.
4 Identify gross pay and ì“take home- pay.
5 State the process for resolving paycheck concerns (hours worked. overtime hours/pay. etc.)

will seek assistance to complete tax documents in a timely manner _____ out of ____ opportunities as measured by _________ (evaluation tool).
1 Complete W-4 correctly.
2 Look for W-2 forms in mail.
3 Collect tax statements, receipts.
4 Collect tax forms.
5 Seek assistance.
6 Make an appointment to complete tax forms.
7 Mail forms before April 15.