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will relax body and speech musculature with specific emphasis on _________ for ___ minutes, as measured by _____________.

1 Discriminate degrees of tension in specific muscle groups.
2 Demonstrate the ability to identify points of tension in the vocal tract and to relax those specific muscle groups.
3 Alternately tense and relax large muscle groups following demonstration and instruction.
4 Alternately tense and relax small muscle groups first without accompanying speech and then with tense and relaxed production of individual speech sounds.
5 Identify inappropriate tension and relax during _______ (specific activities).

will increase awareness of speech production by describing characteristics of fluent and dysfluent speech with ________ % accuracy during a _____ minute language sample.
1 Evaluate speech of self and others.
2 Identify and count dysfluencies.
3 Develop a hierarchy of speech situations, relative to people, activities, and settings from least to most stressful.
4 Use descriptive language when discussing own speech.
5 Describe what he/she does in respiration, phonation, articulation, rate and continuity to produce fluent and
dysfluent speech.

will speak fluently characterized by _________ with no more than _______ dysfluencies during a _____ minute language sample.
1 Speak fluently during: automatic responses, phrases, sentences, responses to questions, reading, monologue, conversation.
2 Demonstrate the use of fluent speech in at least low stress situations.
3 Demonstrate the use of fluent speech conversing with a friend in at least 2 occurrences.
4 Demonstrate the use of fluent speech in low, middle and high stress Situations in the classroom and at home.
5 Call, answer, and converse for minutes with no stuttered words during telephone activities.