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will plan, organize and complete assigned tasks appropriately in the workplace with _______ percent/frequency as measured by __________ (work, evaluation form, checklist, employer report, observation, etc.).
1 Describe steps in tasks to be completed.
2 Ask for clarification before proceeding with a task.
3 Complete regularly assigned work tasks.
4 Complete tasks based on one oral direction.
5 Complete tasks based on multiple oral directions.
6 Complete task based on one written direction.
7 Complete task based on multiple written directions.
8 Perform tasks with supervision.
9 Perform tasks without supervision.
10 Maintain work station in good order.

will maintain regular attendance and be on time _________ percent of the time as measured by _____________ (evaluation tool).
1 Arrive on time.
2 Leave on time.
3 Use time cards or time clock.
4 Observe scheduled work breaks.
5 Take breaks at prescribed intervals and return to job site on time.
6 Maintain employer's standards for attendance.
7 Notify employer in advance of a planned absence. e.g.. medical appointment, family leave.
8 Demonstrate an awareness of quitting time and leave when scheduled.
9 Notify employer if unable to report to work, e.g., sickness, emergency, personal.

will meet supervisor's criteria for quality of work with _____ percent/frequency as measured by _________ (evaluation tool).
1 ldentify/state criteria for acceptable performance.
2 Perform tasks at an acceptable rate and or condition.
3 Check work for acceptable performance.
4 Maintain a high level of performance.
5 Work until the task is completed or it is time to quit.
6 Use time and resources productively and efficiently.

will transport self to and from work appropriately and effectively _________ percent of the time as measured by _________ (evaluation tool).
1 Demonstrate pedestrian safety in the community by observing and obeying signs.
2 Demonstrate appropriate behaviors during a bus trip.
3 Obtain a star card or bus pass.
4 Present star card or bus pass to driver.
5 Identify correct change and pay the bus driver.
6 Arrange special transportation. e.g., obtain lift number, etc.
7 Carry and maintain money and 10.
8 Carry emergency phone numbers and information.
9 Carry bus route, bus numbers and bus transfer information.
10 Transfer busses independently.
11 Plan the bus trip and tide a bus independently to and from work.

will demonstrate health and safety issues within the workplace by maintaining employer's standards for grooming and hygiene ________ percent/frequency as measured by _________ (evaluation tool).
1 Identify appropriate/inappropriate dress for in-school work.
2 Identify appropriate/inappropriate dress far the workplace.
3 Dress appropriately for work tasks.
4 Meet employer's standards for grooming and cleanliness.
5 Use materials, tools, equipment properly and safely.
6 Follow safety and hygiene rules.
7 Keep work area clean.
8 Avoid substances or activities during and prior to work period that can diminish job performance and jeopardize safety.

will demonstrate appropriate work habits and behaviors at the work site with ________ percent/frequency as measured by ________ (evaluation tool).
1 Report to and remain in work area.
2 Gather materials/supplies.
3 Set up work area.
4 Begin work independently.
5 Keep work area dean and organized.
6 Recognize and avoid hazards.
7 Demonstrate stamina and work endurance by staying on task.
8 Adapt to changes in routine.
9 Use good judgment and demonstrate problem solving skills.
10 Indicate completion.
11 Check work for quality.
12 Meet demands for quality work.
13 Acknowledge and connect mistakes.
14 Eat at assigned time and with appropriate manners.
15 Use restrooms appropriately.
16 Act and manage self appropriately during break time.