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will increase intelligibility to __________ % through the use of correct phonological patterns as measured by _____________ (language sample, conversational sample, probes, structured sentences).

1 Reduce deletion of final consonants (e.g., cu/cup).
2 Reduce voicing errors (e.g.. gup/cup).
3 Reduce syllable simplification (e.g., tephone/telephone).
4 Reduce palatal fronting (e.g., sovel/shovel).
5 Reduce deaffrication (e.g., shicken/chicken).
6 Reduce singleton omissions (e.g., up/cup).
7 Reduce use of the intrusive schwa (e.g., balack/black).
8 Reduce reduplication (e.g., wawa/water).
9 Reduce velar fronting (e.g., tup/cup).
10 Reduce assimilation (a sound or word influenced by another sound, such as gog/dog).
11 Reduce stridency deletion (e.g., bu/bous).
12 Reduce backing (e.g., kog/dog).
13 Reduce denasalization (e.g., dut/nut).
14 Reduce stopping of fricatives and affricatives (e.g., tun/sun).
15 Reduce cluster simplification (e.g., bock/block).
16 Reduce devoicing (e.g., dife/dive).
17 Reduce liquid simplification (e.g., wamp/lamp).
18 Reduce vowel deviations (e.g., seet/sit).