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will apply decision making and problem solving techniques in workplace situations with _________ percent/frequency as measured by __________ (evaluation tool).
1 Make decisions and select alternatives for a given situation.
2 Consult with appropriate person.
3 Identify problems and seek solutions.
4 Identify alternatives.
5 Identify cause and effect relationships to solve problems.
6 Evaluate consequences or alternatives.
7 Use problem solving strategies to reach solutions to a work related problem.
8 Develop a plan.
9 Use the chosen strategies (plan) to resolve the work-related problem.
10 Evaluate results.
11 Demonstrate problem solving skills.

will maintain supervisor's criteria for adaptability on at the job with _______ percent/frequency as measured by ____________ (evaluation tool).
1 Perform tasks related to this job but not of primary responsibilities as requested by supervisor.
2 Take initiative to perform related or non-assigned tasks.
3 Identify non-assigned tasks that one is able to perform.
4 Perform non-assigned tasks during appropriate times.
5 Follow required work routine changes.
6 Follow procedures for unexpected downtime or breaks in a the work day.
7 Accept changes in routines without extreme behavior.
8 Make required schedule changes.
9 Recognize work problems that need reporting to the supervisor.
10 Identify supply depletions or equipment breakdowns (tools, materials, etc.)
11 Respond appropriately to supply depletion or equipment breakdowns, e-g., follow required procedures, take . . . the appropriate action, etc.