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will increase periods of remaining dry to ___________ (criteria) as measured by ____________ (evaluation tool).

1 Indicate when wet or soiled.
2 Sit on a toilet when held or cued to stay.
3 Will urinate in a toilet/urinal.
4 Will have a bowel movement in a toilet.
5 Use a toilet on a trip-trained schedule.
6 Request a toilet when needed.
7 Obtain and cooperate with assistance for toileting as needed.

will increase ability to manage toilet facilities to __________ (criteria) as measured by ___________ (evaluation tool).
1 Transport self to and from bathroom.
2 Manage a bathroom door.
3 Manage a stall door.
4 Manage clothing before and after toileting/urinal.
5 Position self on toilet.
6 Position self in front of urinal.
7 Manage a hand-held urinal.
8 Manage catherization material.
9 Use and dispose of personal sanitary products.
10 Wipe self.
11 Flush a toilet.
12 Wash and dry hands after toileting.
13 Manage adapted toileting equipment. e.g. reducer ring.
14 Drain urine collection bag.
15 Inform helper of the assistance needed for toileting.
16 Ask for assistance appropriately.

will increase appropriate behavior in the school bathroom to __________ (criteria) as measured by _________ (evaluation tool).
1 Keep hands out of toilet bowl.
2 Will flush once or as needed.
3 Get up from toilet when finished.
4 Use only amount of paper towels/toilet paper needed and dispose appropriately.
5 Insure own privacy and observe the privacy of others.
6 Use water for personal hygiene only.
7 Refrain from sexual behavior in the school bathroom.