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will use appropriate behaviors while riding the bus, Max, taxi or in public setting with _________ frequency as measured by ______________.

1 Demonstrate knowledge of bus rules by reciting or writing the rule.
2 Demonstrate knowledge of bus rules by complying with rules.
3 Comply with bus driver's directions.
4 Enter and exit bus in an orderly manner.
5 Transition from bus to classroom and classroom to bus in an orderly manner.
6 Speak in appropriate language, volume, tone or voice.
7 Remain in seat with seat belt fastened while bus is in motion.
8 Respect rights and property of others on the bus.
9 Board bus in a timely manner.
10 Keep hands and feet to self and inside the bus.
11 Sit in assigned seat.
12 Maintain safe behavior on Tri-Met, Max or taxi company.
13 Demonstrate appropriate social skills by complying with them.
14 Stay in designate area.