Illinois IEP Program

To go to the IEP Program Click this link: IEP Program

To view the demo use the Demo Password
The Account Name is: Demo
The Password is: Demo

To create an account for creating your own IEP's you will need to register. Click the Guest Account and it will take you to the registration page. Fill out the form and enter your user name and password. When you are finished you will be logged out of the system. Go back to the goal bank web site to log back in. Save this page as a favorite in your browser. When you get back to the login screen enter your Account Name and Password. The first time you enter this way it will take you to the student information screen. Enter your first student by entering your students name and demographic information. Now you can navigate to the IEP Program to fill out your IEP. If you have any questions you can contact me below. The IEP program is free to use so give it a try.

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